Happy B-day High Line
The famous New York’s High Line is turning 5… are we sure?

Happy B-day High Line

For those who never got to see it, the High Line is an ex-overground railway transformed into a park, Manhattan lower west side.

MAPPA HIGH LINEOpened (partially) in 2009, it was then completed two years later. It goes from Gansevoort Street (Meetpacking District) till 30th street, and it’s 2,3 km long.

The railway was built between 1920 and 1930 because of the huge amount of accidents happening along 10th avenue, also called the Street of Death. Lounched in 1934, it served the big city until 1980 when a 3 coaches train loaded with frozer turkey crossed it for the last time. So this year it would be 80 years HIGH LINE 1 BEFOREold and to actually 5!HIGH LINE OPERATIVA ANNI 1934

HIGN LINE OPERATIVA VISTA DALL ALTO It was abandoned for over 20 years, when in the 90s two New Yorkers (Joshua David and Robert Hammond) founded a no-profit association against the demolition of the old railway. Thanks to private founds they proposed to the town a rescue projet of the railway.

HIGH LINE Joel Sternfeld 2000 prima lavori

Both the assosiation and the city worked hard to end this project successfully (from 2006 till 2009). When the first part was completed it was a perfect example to show the world how to turn an abandoned area into a useful and new space, preserving it’s history and charme.

The park hosts 300 species of plants and more then 5 milion visitors every year, so to make “Lady Liberty” jealous.



I would suggest to access the High Line from 30th street west, between 10th and 11th street, and walk along until Meatpacking.

HIGH LINE vista empire

Enjoy the great panorama and all the different graffiti and pieces of art as well as street food corners that you can find along the way.

High Line food.jpg

About the end of 2014 there would be the completion of the High Line’s last section, between 34th and 34th street.


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